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Employee Assistance Services

For The Conscientious Workplace

Australian businesses are losing up to $39 billion each year due to mentally unhealthy workplaces impacting participation and productivity. We are experiencing unprecedented rates of burnout and mental fatigue. Australian workers now rate mental and physical well-being as equally important as pay, in assessing employment conditions.

Smart business leaders are responding proactively to protecting employee wellness, by providing access to life skills coaching by qualified professionals as integral to their overall employee wellness plan.


Use EA services to assist with issues such as:

Demotivation / Procrastination

Sleep problems

Irritability (work and/or home)


Persistent low mood

Career transition / uncertainty

Retirement preparation

Excessive worry

Relationship problems

Enhance leadership skills with EA services:

Advice on having tricky conversations with colleagues

Preparation for a role transition (up, down, sideways)

Maintaining boundaries

Giving and responding appropriately to criticism / negative performance reports

Enhancing communication

Refining people skills

Your Staff Want:

Confidence they can solve this problem / there is a way forward

Practical skills they can use immediately

Strategies to use to minimise risk of the problem coming up again

Regain a sense of control, drive, and enthusiasm.

Your organisation gets a service which is reliable, responsive and effective in helping manage employee well-being.

Short wait times – Online appointment available within one week.

Flexible – Online & In-person.

Trustworthy – I adhere to the APS Code of Ethics. We offer a reliable and professional psychology service.

Effective – Evidence-based, grounded in science and backed by a lengthy professional career, including over a decade as a university academic and internationally recognised subject-matter expert.

Experience – Starting in the 1980’s, I have provided Employee Assistance Services, including critical incident debriefing, across a variety of industries including emergency services, corrections, and non-government organisations.

Knowledge – My military career included co-ordination of the tri-service ADF national Suicide Prevention Program for several years; developed and delivered peer support / first responder education and training packages for service personnel and leaders.

Skill – In practice for over 30 years, with a background in clinical, forensic, organisational, and military psychology, as well as in mediation.

How It Works

We offer a tailored, personalised approach for each of our clients. No wait-list. Priority bookings for existing and returning clients. 

Individual Coaching

Book an initial 80 minute session.

Identify goals and a plan for coaching/mentoring/therapy.

Turn insight and self-awareness into actionable strategies to promote well-being. 

Online Support Resources

Online content to help people enhance essential life skills.

Clients can continue to develop and expand insights gained in session, long after active therapy has concluded.

Bite-sized Talks on Life Skills

Live / online: “morning musings” or “lunch and learn” talks.

Short, entertaining and informative.

Delivering practical strategies ready to be implemented now.

Tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Common topics include: procrastination, excessive worry, burnout, demotivation, and managing tricky conversations.

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