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Date with confidence

Approach dating with optimism and assurance because you know what you want and how to find it in a partner.

Avoid Dating Burnout

You can start to feel burnt out if you:

Lack dating confidence

Are worried about rejection

Are focused on finding “The One”

Had past bad experiences

Feel self-conscious about dating

Worry that people might not like you

Boost your dating confidence!

Dating is thrilling because of possibilities it offers, but also daunting because of the uncertainty involved.

In 2022, Australians reported spending almost $43 billion a year on dating, with just over $80 million per year specifically spent on online dating.

Not only is dating expensive and time intensive, but many of my clients describe a frustrating dating experience – a history of online chats that seem to go no-where, or in-person dates that turn out not to be worth the time and effort.

But here’s the thing…

You can minimise the pain and maximise the return on your investment of time, money and energy – all you need is a plan!

Dr Bek Psychologist

Put the fun and excitement back into dating

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That’s a lot of tips and strategies, all based in science and backed by my two decades of helping people create and maintain healthy love relationships.

Get a Tailored Dating Plan

Book a consultation to get tips to help you navigate to a better dating experience.

My 3 step process helps you to:

Feel more confident in approaching dating,

Clarify what you are looking for in a partner,

Change past habits holding you back, and

Increase your capacity to choose wisely and well for a committed match.

Date with Clarity & Confidence

Have a clear plan for how to screen your prospective dates.

Know what questions to ask when you meet.

Move on or move forward with confidence.

Boost optimisim and have fun while dating.

Increase confidence in finding the partner you want, for the relationship you deserve.

Dr Bek’s Dating Manifesto 

A 3 Step Plan to enhance your return on investment in dating.

No need to sift through endless online advice which is not backed by evidence. You can make a great plan with strategies grounded in science, available to you in one FREE download!

Download Dr Bek’s Dating Manifesto

If you are looking for a way of improving your dating experience, I wrote Dr Bek’s Dating Manifesto to help.

My three-step process covers:
1. Planning and preparation,
2. Dating effectively, and,
3. Transitioning from dating to love relationship.

With strategies based in the science of attraction, intimacy and relationships, this guide is about what to focus on to improve your dating experience, including:

  • How to deal with dating anxiety and unhelpful thoughts
  • Special considerations for online dating
  • Three important things to let go of to improve your confidence
  • Best screening questions for prospective dates
  • Dealing with rejection
  • Timing for sexual activity
  • How do you know when you know.

Then, for a deep dive into changing your dating experience, consider booking a Single Session Intervention – 80 minutes for greater clarity and purpose around your next dating steps!