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Every therapist conducts sessions differently. In my approach, I view therapy as a blend of mentoring, counselling and coaching.

My work involves guided and purposeful conversations to help you uncover patterns, expectations and assumptions that are keeping you stuck. I also help you to discover new ways of functioning to enhance your relationship experience.

I provide sessions in person at my professional rooms at Bundall located on the Gold Coast, or online. The early stages of relationship therapy are focused on identifying the core concerns, recognising existing strengths, and developing a plan for enhancing relationship functioning.

What should we do to get started?

To begin, I recommend you complete two x two hour sessions within the first fortnight. This can be two x 50 minute individual sessions one week, followed by one x 100 minute joint session the following week.

Alternatively, some clients prefer one joint (50 minute) session plus one individual session (50 minute) one week, then the other individual and a joint session the following week. Each individual session is private and confidential.

This allows me to hear from both of you privately and we also come together to explore your shared perspectives and goals.

I also ask that you each individually complete an online evidence-based and confidential assessment after the first session. This assists us in developing a tailored treatment plan specific to the unique underlying issues you are experiencing in your relationship. It can be an efficient way of quickly clarifying goals and identifying the best tools to help you get unstuck.

My approach is sensitive, practical and straightforward, so we move into problem-solving and solution-building fairly quickly.

What happens when we’re not meeting with you?

Out of session practice is encouraged as a way of helping you to consolidate the insights you gain in our time together. This could look like listening to a podcast episode, watching a YouTube video, or participating in an experiential activity to practise skills.

It is entirely your decision the extent to which you choose to engage in these additional components – spending time in session working towards your goals is the baseline and everything extra that you do is likely to hasten progress.

As therapy progresses, we develop a plan to help you maintain the gains you have made and to continue to grow in the relationship. At every step of the way, I approach our working relationship as a collaborator, understanding that while I have years of insight into working with the mind, you are the experts in your relationship history. Together, we tackle the unique challenges and fears which are getting in the way of you enjoying a more generous and loving connection.

Where do I book?

You can book through our online booking system. Usually, you will have less than a two week delay to secure a session; it’s likely to be shorter for online options (although availability can alter around seasonal break-times).

If you want to book a block 2 hour session and can’t find a suitable spot, let me know and I will see what I can offer outside of our current scheduled times.