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10 signs that you could benefit from some extra support:

  1. You more often than not dread going to work.
  2. People irritate you a lot more than usual and you’re less tolerant at home.
  3. It is hard to recall the last time you laughed freely, breathed deeply, did something you really enjoyed and had proper fun.
  4. Other people keep asking if you are okay – and it’s getting harder to lie convincingly to them.
  5. You can’t remember the last solid night’s sleep you had, or when you woke up feeling well rested.
  6. You feel guilty about your impact on people you care for, but you can’t seem to do better for long enough.
  7. Hiding from reality through compulsive social media scrolling, movie binging, video games, alcohol, drugs, or other numbing activities has become your go-to for winding down.
  8. You have a long list of recommended stress management strategies that you have diligently worked your way through – with limited noticeable or sustained improvement.
  9. Your health is suffering.
  10. You are starting to worry that you might be broken in some fundamental way that might demand you rethink your dreams and aspirations.

People experiencing emotional exhaustion are often highly effective problem-solvers, used to pushing through challenges and supporting others to do the same. They are frequently kinder and more compassionate in addressing the limitations of others, than they are about managing their own perceived failings.

As effective solution-finders, they arrive in therapy after an exhausting period of trying a bunch of sensible strategies designed to reduce stress and enhance a positive mind-set. Under these circumstances, you can feel helpless, unsupported, lonely and worried about your future. Talking about it aloud can help you gain perspective and see different approaches to addressing recurring or new issues.

Having an established therapeutic relationship which is unconditionally constructive can be an important outlet and help you continue to perform at your best.