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Life is too short to feel stuck

Without effective tools it is easy to:

Feel trapped and unhappy
Lose touch with friends and family
Worry constantly without purpose or reason
Struggle with motivation, procrastination
Get stuck in negative relationships
Let the relationships you cherish suffer
Lose a clear sense of purpose and clarity
Get trapped in other people’s drama and chaos
Feel like you are constantly torn between responsibilities and obligations

Introducing Burnout Busters Bootcamp

Tired of feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and drained by the demands of life?

My 6-week Burnout Busters Bootcamp is here to help you break free from burnout and create a healthier, brighter and more balanced future.

Kicking off with a live video-call with me at 7pm (AEDT), Tuesday 24 October, this comprehensive group coaching event brings together a supportive community, six live video calls with me, science-based education, and a toolbox of practical strategies to help you thrive.

As a participant, you’ll have access to weekly live group coaching sessions, a host of resources to help you recover from and prevent burnout, and a supportive community where you can connect and share experiences and successes.

Dr Bek Psychologist

Take control and live the life you want

Sessions When You
Need Them

Use my online booking portal to schedule your sessions at times when it suits you.

Tailored Solutions

Everyone’s circumstances are different: I will listen to you and help you to find solutions specific to you and your situation.

Get Unstuck

Get practical tools which you can apply immediately to make a meaningful difference in solving the issues and enriching your future.

About Dr Bek

My work is about providing you with the knowledge and skills you need to be effective in creating your life by design: you get to choose your responsibilities and obligations, with a clear sense of your personal values and purpose.

I want to help you to find ways to achieve your life goals without feeling you need to compromise your well-being.

I offer you the benefit of:


  • 30+ years of psychology experience helping busy people develop better skills to address challenges in professional, personal and relationship functioning.
  • Over a decade as a university professor teaching higher degree clinical and forensic psychology students, and conducting research into the human mind and behaviour.
  • Criminal behaviour analyst with an international and national reputation, with a special interest in profiling and treatment of deliberate firesetting.
  • 20+ years as a military (uniformed) psychologist in the Australian Defence Force.
  • Published author, keynote speaker, regular media commentator.
Dr Bek Psychologist

Busy & thriving!

Book a session with me. Schedule a time that suits you for our consultation and let’s chat. I offer Single Session Interventions (80 mins) for a deep dive, or multi-session interventions (50 mins).

I’ll listen, then help you to work out a plan that you can start immediately. We focus on solutions by turning insight into action.

Don’t sit with your worries a moment longer! Let’s get to work so you can feel happier, more content and successful.

I’m here to help!

People come to see me because they want to live a less stressful and more contented life. They need to get some traction in managing the difficulties that they’re grappling with, not just to keep re-hashing the same problems over and over again.


It’s easy to feel like you are stuck when your problem-solving doesn’t get the results you hoped for. I believe that everyone deserves to live a fulfilling life, with the capacity to meet their dreams and enjoy their relationships. Enhancing skills and self-awareness is like having the parachute you need to be able to enjoy sky-diving. It just makes good sense to be well equipped so you can live with more contentment and success. 
Get in touch and let’s get started!

I want to listen to you and give you some practical suggestions for ways you can get unstuck.

  • Tools and skills based on over 30 years working with clients, as well as researching and teaching evidenced-based psychological strategies.
  • My work resonates with people who are looking to change and are open to exploring new ways of approaching old problems. 

How we do it:

1. Book a consultation session with me.

2. Get tailored insights and different tools to help you move forward.

3. Have the skills you need to deal with the issue confidently and effectively.

Download my free guide on Burnout Recovery, for a fresh approach to dealing with burnout, and start taking action today.